Hi! I’m Samantha Grant.

I am a Facebook Ads Strategist + Coach for photographers and wedding professionals.

Me in a nutshell…

I’m a Facebook Ads strategist, technology enthusiast, and creative marketer. I can’t live without coffee (but who can, really?!) and I’m constantly learning. Seriously. My hobbies pretty much consist of reading news and blogs about social media and technology. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably joining in on a webinar or admiring some company’s new marketing strategies. 🙂

I absolutely LOVE working with photographers of all types and wedding professionals to help them connect with their ideal clients – the ones who will love their work, pay their pricing without fuss, and who will be super fun to work with (sounds like a dream, huh?). The best part is that I also get to help couples, families, and individuals connect with photographers and wedding vendors who are PASSIONATE, CARING, and who LOVE what they do.

So, me in a nutshell? A Facebook savvy marketer who wants to help YOU use Facebook Ads to consistently get leads you love and grow your business.